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Let's get started on our onboarding! Now, it is time to give your contract a thorough reading and sign before we move forward. Ready? Let's go!

BASE FEE (which constitutes a non-refundable deposit): $300

I confirm the above details are correct.

Terms of Engagement

These are the terms of engagement for IniOluwa Abiodun, trading as Design Shoppe Co.


I will always do my best to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations. But it is important to have things are written, who is doing what, when things have to be done by, what needs to be sent and what happens if things go wrong. I will do my best to provide you with readable text in a manner you can understand. I have no intention to trick you into signing something you or parties related or connected to you may regret now or in the future. 

This document sets out the terms and conditions upon which IniOluwa Abiodun, trading as Design Shoppe Co. (“Design Shoppe Co.”) agrees to act on your behalf, as a Client. Your mere receipt of this document and acceptance of Design Shoppe Co.’s service indicates your explicit or implicit acceptance of the terms of engagement listed as follows:

  1.  AUTHORITY: Design Shoppe Co. is a boutique creative and legal agency and not a legal practice registered with any law society. You give Design Shoppe Co. the authority to act on your instruction and draft legal documents which are considered reasonably necessary for your business.

  2. PROFESSIONAL DUTIES: Throughout the instruction, Design Shoppe Co. will conduct itself in a consistent and professional manner. However, you agree and understand that it will be your responsibility to provide all necessary, accurate and clear instructions, documents and/or information to Design Shoppe Co.


    1. Design Shoppe Co will: ​

      • treat your instructions, identity and incidental information you provide to us as strictly confidential. We will not disclose to any third party any confidential information or knowledge that we obtain as a result of us acting or drafting any document on your behalf;​

      • protect the information you provide to us with a reasonable standard of care; and

      • advise you if there is a material conflict of interest between yourself and another client and take the appropriate steps to ensure the conflict is resolved.

    2. In situations of dispute -

      • Design Shoppe Co. practices collaborative law, which aims to amicably resolve disputes without formal litigation. Where the disputing parties are Design Shoppe Co. clients, Design Shoppe Co. offers to act as a mediator to assist in resolving the dispute in a collaborative manner as an independent party; and

      • you choose Design Shoppe Co. to mediate on the above understanding.

  4. FEES: Design Shoppe Co. will charge a fair and reasonable fee for acting on each instruction we receive from you.

    1. In this instance, Design Shoppe Co. agrees to review and amend the Client Agreement charged at the base price of $300 (Three Hundred U.S. Dollars). 

    2. The fees structure are as follows: 

      • Base payment of $300 (Three Hundred U.S. Dollars). This will be due upon signing of this Agreement and constitutes the non-refundable deposit required to retain a slot in our calendar.

      • Design Shoppe Co's prevailing hourly rate is $100 (One Hundred U.S. Dollars). The remaining fee will be calculated after each phase of the project, based on the time spent in each phase. The total project fee will be determined by the final tally of time spent working on the project.

      • Payment of fees shall be received via PayPal and you agree to pay the transactions fees charged at 4.4% (Four Point Four Percent) + $0.30 (Thirty U.S. Cents) of the amount being sent. Invoices will reflect instructions fees along with the calculated PayPal transaction fee.

      • Invoices will reflect fees and disbursements, exclusive of Value Added Tax. Value Added Tax will be charged at the rate applicable, when necessary.

I confirm that I have read and understand the details above.