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Studio Bancroft

Timeless, tactile simplicity inspired by traditions from around the world.

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Your only source of authentically curated homeware, inspired by different traditions from across the globe. Think sunlit parlours in Lagos, to mid-century Nordic homes. Studio Bancroft curates with a keen eye, a selection of homeware created by local craftsmen in the chosen location the collection is inspired by. You can be proud of the authentic homeware transforming your spaces. 

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Inspired by the dream-worthy locations the brand creates from, we created a brand that knows adventure and yet knows intentional living. We explore the natural materials the designer uses as the perfect backdrop to bring this drool-worthy brand alive. 

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The Design Shoppe team were flawless and precise in their processes. They delivered an impactful brand that we are proud to share with the world. 

- Elise Steinacker, Head Designer, Studio Bancroft.

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