Slowing Down to Birth Beautiful Things

Updated: Jul 7

Early in April, it had been two weeks of lockdown in South Africa and I was starting to feel restless and frustrated with the non-stop loop of bad news. I had for a few months prior to lockdown being struggling to figure out the direction of my business. Yes, drawing pretty girls was cute but I wanted more for the business. I wanted to create impact. These thoughts on repeat in my head was worsening all the emotions swirling from the state of the world.

I decided it was time to SLOW DOWN, prioritise truly important things, focus on learning to do things exceptionally well and restructure what currently exists as my business. I had been frustrated because I had an inkling of what direction I wanted the business to go in but I was scared of publicly declaring to be doing something I was a newbie at.

There was also the pressure I was feeling towards having to constantly create content once I declared I was going in this new direction because I had been doing a lot of reading and following leaders or emerging leaders in this field. I was looking at the level of content they were delivering and seeing just how perfect their feeds looked, how they had it all figured out.