Oh la la, Here We Go!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Mon dieu! I cannot believe I am typing my first blog post on my own website. It has been a long time coming. Be still my art (get it, get it?)

Anyway, hi hi, darlings! Welcome to the Design Shoppe blog. My name is ÌníOlúwa (Eenee-Oh-Luh-Wah), which means God's Heritage. I am a lawyer turned award winning bridal designer turned creative illustrator and graphics designer. I am a wife and mama to toddler who recently discovered the joy and freedom of walking, which means my clean, arranged life is over, *hot tears*.

I have always been inspired by the grit and vulnerability, the strength and weaknesses, the multi-faceted nature of a Black woman. Since I fell in love with digital art, creating for black women has always been front and centre every time I pick up my pen. And now that I have carried and birthed a beautiful Black girl, ensuring I am doing my part in creating a world filled with so much vibrance is of utmost importance to me. Creating spaces where she, myself and millions like us feel accepted, circles where we feel heard and rooms where our best interests are front and centre has been my life goal.

This what made me fall in love with infusing my illustrations into various aspects of our lives. Whether it is the personal side, through an art print adorning Black women's sacred sanctuaries or as part of their everyday lives as a planner, or even the stickers that beautify their laptops and notebooks; or it is the commercial/business side that involves using illustrations to create business collaterals like logos, stationery, brand style kit, packaging and so on.

So, with all these in mind, please introduce yourself, tell me where you are reading from and what you hope to find here!

Till next time, with love,


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