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Hey there, I am Ìní - 
designer, lawyer, your forever hype woman, award-winning bridal designer. 

Toss in, youngest Mandela Washington Fellow of 2017.  This is a space where we celebrate achievements. But the point is share how I have lived many lives in my short 27 years of life. You with me?


this journey began with how I was staring, in disbelief, at my acceptance letter to study law at 15.

Yes, 15. So, off I went to Uni, without a clue how my life will change radically. For all the details, you should schedule an intro call, so we get to know one another. 😉 Naturally, I had no clue what was happening in those classes, so I took to sketching. A friend saw a sketch, wanted it made into a statement dress for her faculty dinner. And a statement it made because within three weeks, I had enough orders to keep me busy for months. 

This evolved into a bridal business. And that's how I came to find myself juggling a burgeoning fashion business, a showroom, a long list of clientêle, numerous fashion shows, and oh, let's not forget, my law studies.  If you are sold on how we can help you:

Curious about this journey? Here, have a seat and some coffee. Read on ↓

From there on, I was fearless. I met the most incredible clients, changed many folks' minds about a teenager running an efficient, successful bridal business,  won a national fashion competition and dressed an A-list Nigerian actress, daringly applied to a prestigious fellowship at 22, three years below the acceptance age. Got into said fellowship. I was on a ROLL! I got married at 23. Loved it and still loving it. Uprooted my life from Nigeria and moved to South Africa. Went to fashion school and then fell in love with graphics design and luxury business management. So, I decided I was ready for my MBA. I applied and was accepted with a scholarship. So, my husband and I packed our bags, booked our flight, ready to move with our sweet, one-year-old daughter. 

Then, the lockdown was announced, two days before our flight. 


Okay, seriously, if you want all the juicy bits of soul searching that happened between March and December 2020, you will really have to book that phone call. 

In many ways, I am grateful for my journey as the soul searching made me realise: IT WAS TIME TO BE FEARLESS ONCE AGAIN.



Little did I KNOW how this would be one of the scary but incredible chapters of my life as I figure out, growing a business, being a mom and rediscovering myself in the middle of a panini. 

So, today, you will find me using every bit of my expertise and experience to cheer you on your journey, helping you dig deep and truly live a full, robust wholesome life. 

Now to the MVPs that I am eternally grateful for


We have mastered the art of remote working. We collaborate across 3 cities and 2 countries. We enjoy creating stunning projects for driven entrepreneurs across the world. 

Leave your branding and legal in our hands - we've got you!

(P.S. Due to the pandemic, we do not have matching team photos, so enjoy our mismatched headshots for now. We are definitely looking forward to seeing each other really soon).




Hi, I'm Oyinkan. The support I give at Design Shoppe ensures that we are always ready to give you the standard of service you deserve.


With vast experience in administration and social media content creation, I endeavour to help businesses become more comfortable in their identity. Communication and organization are my greatest strengths and I look forward to offering that to your brand




Hi, I am Nafisa. With over 5 years of legal practice experience, I work with the Design Shoppe team to ensure you can run a legitimate, protected business. 


When I am not working on contracts and your legal documents, I sit on the board of WILAN (Women in Leadership Advancement), an NGO enhancing women's participation in politics. 

Now, it's your turn, friend

On Oyinkan's
Love List

FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME /  any marvel movie

CURRENTLY READING /  building a story brand by Donald Miller

GO TO COCKTAIL /  mojito

GUILTY PLEASURE /  junk food, late at night

FAVOURITE FLOWERS / roses and daisies

HAPPY PLACE:  long car rides with my favourite person

On Nafisa's
Love List

FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME /  beauty and the beast 

CURRENTLY READING /  girl boss by Sophia Amoruso

GO TO COCKTAIL /  mojito

GUILTY PLEASURE /  cadbury dairy chocolates with nuts

FAVOURITE FLOWERS / blooming red roses

HAPPY PLACE: a deluxe nail bar