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Awu Tellè Lingerie

The Nigerian lingerie market caters well to small and medium-size breasted women. The bigger sized lingerie not only cost more but look like an afterthought in design and comfort. Awu Tellè is keen to rectify this by providing a combination of lingerie education and lingerie that fuller-breasted women want to wear. 

Many women are recognizing the important role lingerie and proper underwear plays in the wellness and health of fuller-breasted women. But in a market with vendors overpromising and underdelivering, it can be hard to know where to begin shopping and whom to trust. 
We approached this branding through the lens of challenging the convention of fuller-breasted women as an afterthought. We wanted to create an identity that approaches this unique position in the industry with enthusiasm and elevates the spirit of every fuller-breasted woman. 


Through market research during strategy, we identified the target audience to be women in their late 20s to early 40s who have limited access to quality lingerie specially made for their fuller breasts. 


With the brand archetype identified as the Caregiver, our aim was to create an overall brand feeling that ensures their audience and customers feel secure, protected and cared for.


To achieve this, we explored lowercase letters and customized each letter to flow into the next for a sense of community. The final outcome is a bold yet feminine brand coupled with a rounded slab serif typeface that communicates comfort and ease. 

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Working with Design Shoppe on this project will remain an unforgettable experience for us. We grew through the process and feel empowered to make all their hard work pay off. Thank you, Ini and Oyinkan.

Bodunde and Seyi, Co-founders, Awu Tellè

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