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Atelier  Gumbody

Atelier Gumbody is a small batch luxury body and soul wellness products brand. Every product is made as a part of a limited run of 10, making the different scents unique and a few of a kind. 

The Brief: 

Create an identity that celebrates various lifestyles and encourages giving or receiving love to yourself or to another human. 

Even though candle making is not a new industry, it has seen a huge boom in recent years and is fast becoming oversaturated with brands selling the perfect lifestyle or the best item in your self-care routine. We saw the opportunity to create a brand that focuses instead on celebrating the love you give to yourself, to your BFF, your partner. A brand celebrating different lifestyles and love in all forms. 

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The brand name is inspired by the Nigerian pidgin phrase, 'to gum bodi' which means "to cuddle", "to get cosy with". Every product, from candle to bath bombs and soap bars, is carefully designed. Relaxing scents, botanic perfume oils, homegrown wicks, natural waxes all come in a combination of beautiful packaging and delicious scents, making the brand the go-to option around the world. 

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We captured the cosiness of the brand and its delicious scents through a nice mix of contemporary and vintage colours. We used slightly desaturated colours along with contemporary typography pairings to emphasize the cool, effortless and timeless nature of the brand.


We envisioned an identity that showed the sureness of the brand. Celebrating heritage and culture, the joy of good company, the familiar feelings of friendship, platonic or romantic. We take on a desaturated palette of blues, reds and mellow yellow to allow the typography and the catchphrases to stand out. 

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From start to finish, Ìní and the team understood the assignment and brought their A-game. I cannot wait to share the full project with the world!

- Amari, Atelier Gumbody

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