T H E  A R T I S T

Hi! I am Ìní Àjàyí. I am a lawyer & award-winning bridal designer turned illustrator and graphics designer. I fell in love with digital art while i was in law school in 2016. Coupled with fashion industry experience, digital art helped my visual creativity thrive. 

I studied at the Leaders In Science of Fashion as a fashion design student but ended up falling completely in love with graphics design. This has fueled my vision of using my illustrations to further the business development of young African lifestyle brands. I am fiercely passionate about representing beauty and vibrance of black women in their everyday lives through my work. 

My favourite days are dark, rainy days, spent indoors, listening to lo-fi jazz while illustrating/creating or watching a movie, curled up with huge blankets and "the toddler". Hehe.


I live in Johannesburg with my husband and our adorable one-year-old daughter, aka, "the toddler". 

T H E  B U S I N E S S

With features on BBC Breakfast and BuzzFeed, Design Shoppe (formerly Dabira Studios) boasts of clients like Philly n Friends, Memkoh and Cape Soul, UK. At the heart of the business is the consciousness to show through illustrations, the importance and need for representation needed for younger generations of Black and Brown girls to see themselves in every career, lifestyle or space imaginable & for older generations to continuously find inspiration in these pieces. 

Design Shoppe is evolving into a multi-disciplinary boutique studio, working hard to support mostly women owned businesses, organizations and brands through illustrations, brand identity design, development and strategy. The dream is to continue to inspire women, be it through illustrations or brand design, to build effective, sustainable brands and businesses that connects them to their dream ideal clients!

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Design Shoppe is a creative studio specialising in personal, commercial and corporate illustrations based in  Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa 1791 | designshoppe1@gmail.com  

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